¿What is Graphpad Prism?

It is an application designed to create graphs and data tables, through the introduction of data or equations.

GraphPad features most representative of the program:

Understandable statistics

It allows you to easily perform basic statistical tests commonly used by laboratory and clinical researchers.

In addition, it offers understandable statistical help when you need it by pressing the "Learn" button of any data analysis dialog.

Full record of your work

A project file in GraphPad Prism can contain more data, analysis and graphics.

Graphs and layouts can be embellished with text, lines, arrows, charts, tables, equations, photos and much more.

Each file can be a complete record of your experiments and include data tables, information pages, analysis results, graphs and page layouts.

We can highlight among its functions:

Simplicity of use.

Generate linear and non-linear regression.

Create professional-level graphical representations.

Advanced options for those who want more precision in their calculations.

Fit curves in a single step, with the simple action of selecting the equation.


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